Thad Kinnison - Stockton overboss

Agnes Roberts - ibid

Daniel Hodworthy - HC lawyer

Harold Williams - first union leader

Janice Snow - second union leader

Jason Schmidt - Larry's driver

InterTech - Stockon computer R&D

 - Paul "Yaz" Yazowski - operations manager

 - Quincy Carson

Astara Corp. - competitor of above

Officer Horowitz - SPD

Gilbatesk - home of SCU

Keith Patterson, Charlotte Evarts, Melissa Henderson - friends of Marcy

Margaret Wyeth - WHHS principal

Enerstar: natural gas company

Wayne Henderson - HCPD detective

Agent Lance Torrance - OSI Stockton head

Agent Yancy Pullman - Hillard's partner

Agents Unwin & Sweeney - Spring City NIA agents

Tavish's - HC fast food

Remaster Man - hipster disco man

mr. Barson - club owner

Donnie Andalyn - Stockton syndicate founder

Marcy's older brother

Spring City Rovers - rivals of Bridgewater Triangles

Matt Hunter - sheriff

Roscoe - cleaner for Larry Mason

McMann University

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