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Let's see - over in another thread just now, I decided that the Dorlese Longides would take the name of the Kingdom of Garomaa upon independence. So let's add to that . . .

Dorland basically tried to turn its former colony into a puppet state rather than lose it entirely. Thus the first king of Garomaa was a tribal chief carefully chosen for his ties to Dorland, and conveniently he was unmarried. So a union was arranged with a woman from the Grand Duchy of Hallerton (one of the most powerful noble houses), who was well-versed in Dorlese culture.

As expected the new king toed the line with his former masters, with his wife keeping an eye on him for Dorland. His eldest son had other ideas, however, and began the process of gaining cultural and economic independence for his nation. He ended up unleashing nationalist feelings that he lacked the ability, and Dorland the inclination, to check; thus he was overthrown and replaced with a democracy.

He was forced to flee to his mother's homeland where he spent the rest of his life in the Blue Palace (the portion of the estate of the Grand Duchy of Hallerton that is kept exclusively for the male members of the family.)

The Longides is an archipelago off the southwestern coast of the continent of East Alabar. The northern two thirds were annexed by the Kingdom of Dorland, then gained their independence as the Kingdom (now Republic) of Garomaa. The southern third of the archipelago consists of several sovereign nations and foreign dependencies.

In one of these smaller nations, a man once inadvertently helped delay the apocalypse. That is, he knew he was doing something important; but he didn't realize that the band of thieves he helped defeat, scary as they were, were actually cultists of a supernatural enemy.