Eran of Arcadia's NaNos Wiki

The single most popular sport in Dorland is lacrosse. The Dorlese Lacrosse League is the major pro league, and the DLL Championship Game (in which the winner receives the Chalmer Cup) is practically a national holiday. Every province in the country has at least a couple college teams, and on weekend evenings, in small towns across the country, people are gathered to watch their high school team play.

The biggest women's sport is field hockey - although it's not nearly as big as lacrosse, it still pulls in more viewers, more participants, and more money than most men's sports. Others include gridiron (American football without placekicking, and a slightly larger field.) 

In Marna as a whole, the biggest sport is basketball, followed by club ball (soccer in our world.) Most team and individual sports are part of the Tribunal Games (equivalent of the Olympics.)

One issue that athletes in my world have to deal with is testing not only for PEDs, but for superpowers. If you are found to have a power that could provide some sort of competitive advantage (everything from the obvious like superspeed or telepathy to something more subtle like 'an aura that influences people to be clumsy') you aren't allowed in any major sporting association, and your best bet is an exhibition league.

Some of the major races:

  • 100M, 200M: These are the sprint events that are run at the World Games and by track stars from high school to the pros.
  • 5K: This is your typical holiday fun run for charity distance.
  • 40K: since neither miles nor the wars of the ancient Greeks are things in my world, this is the "equivalent" of a marathon - if you can complete one, you're awesome.

The colors of the Spring City Rovers lacrosse team are white and burnt orange. This is because the man who brought a DLL franchise to Spring City was Bob Goodwin, who had made a fortune shipping refrigerated goods (such as oranges) to the central region of the country.