Peter Danvers is 3 years younger than his sister Mikela. He has an affinity for computers and other technology, eventually working as a software developer. During the events of the Stockton Incident, he is 11-12 years old. He has a model of the solar system in his room which he made himself (astronomy being his other main interest) and enjoys designing and creating paper airplanes.

Incident shopping with Katie; procrastination/distraction

They're a little bit of an odd couple - he's a nerd and she's kind of a ditz - but they have plenty of things they like to do together. In the spring and summer they go to Rovers pro lacrosse games together. Sometimes they go hiking or camping. When neither of these are an option they watch a lot of movies together. He prefers sci-fi and she likes romantic comedies (they're both fans of the So Bad It's Good type, the cheesier the better) but they're up for anything. If they're ever back in Hartlin City they'd both rather spend time with his family than hers.

Her family is kind of a mess - her mom ran off,her dad is a bit of a loser, and her siblings are all pretty wild. Meanwhile, he has a close-knit loving family. She tries with her family, but at the end of the day it's so much less stressful to spend time with his.

Absolutely people do. Peter and Katie were best friends throughout high school. Some of their friends and acquaintances see them as an obvious match, but some people think that "foreign-born and somewhat naive nerd" and "dumb trailer trash" being together means she's a gold digger or he's looking for a trophy wife. Actually, fear that the other would think that is one of the things that delayed each of them from acting on the mutually unrequited love they had for a few years.

Katie is a waitress at a restaurant that she and Peter can't afford to eat at regularly. She works a lot of nights and he is in class all day so they can't always eat together during the week. Katie is a better cook, she'll make up meals on the weekends and keep them in the fridge/freezer. 

When they do go out to eat they usually go to the food trucks or hole-in-the-wall places that are found in abundance in their city.

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