Does it count if it's mixed up with a whole bunch of tragedy and horror?

Operation Southern Bar was a joint operation between the Yevnian Army Special Forces, the Dorlese Royal Service, and the Dorlese National Investigatory Agency against a secret illegal research facility. The facility was responsible for the kidnapping, forced breeding, and in many cases murder of individuals with superpowers, in an attempt to isolate the genes responsible for superpowers and create a population that would have them at a higher rate than humanity as a whole. Unfortunately, due to security leaks the people who ran the facility found out about the planned assault. Before it could take place, they "disposed" of the test subjects and most of the scientists and staff at the facility.

Almost all of them, at any rate. One of the scientists figured out what was happening and managed to hide two subjects - a two year old girl and her one year old brother. They were (besides a few of the people in charge of the facility and their contacts on the outside) the only survivors. They ended up in the custody of the Royal Service.

King Jason V of Dorland, upon being briefed of the operation, learned of these two young survivors. He decided that some good needed to come from this whole debacle. He had met Agent Mikela Danvers of the NIA (who hadn't been involved in or aware of the operation) by chance a few months earlier. He remembered that she and her wife - a retired superheroine named Stacey Weber-Danvers - had been considering adoption. He suggested that they be contacted regarding the matter.

His reasoning was that there was a danger that someone would target the children in order to clean up loose ends. But Mikela and Stacey were dangerous people themselves, and were willing and able to fight to the death to protect their family. And so having survived both professional and personal challenges, they took a permanent assignment to protect a couple of defenseless children from anyone who might target them.

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