Eran of Arcadia's NaNos Wiki

Super heroes and villains (current and historical) who do not require a full page.

Green Dragon - One of the first female super heroes in the Golden Age, who paved the way for a more gender balanced group of heroes.

Lady Gold - Another early Golden Age super hero.

Oakwood - Member of the Bridgewater Heroes Council; has the power of impermiability (more limited than that of Rock Wall.)

Phantom - Bridgewater Heroes Council member; immaterial.

River Queen - "Fake" super villain created by the Bridgewater Heroes Council to act as the Wasp's sidekick, and ultimately be killed by Horned Owl.

Bear Claw - Member of the Bridgewater Shadow Council, with the power of "rage" (allowing him to temporarily gain super strength and stamina, at the cost of mental control).

Jack Rabbit - Female super hero with speed and agility; murdered by Blue Diamond when he hit her with his car.

Twister - Super villain who works for the Hallerton syndicates, with the Power of super speed.

Aardvark Man