Marcy Howard is a native of Hartlin City, Dorland. She is a classmate and eventually the first girlfriend of Mikela Danvers. They date from shortly after the Stockton Incident until they graduated from high school, when they broke up (due to the fact that Mikela wanted to study out of the area and eventually settle elsewhere, and Marcy wanted to stay in Hartlin City.) She would marry a young woman named Lucy Prentiss several years later; Mikela accepted an invitation to the wedding, where she learned that Marcy had been approached by the NIA as part of the background check for Mikela's application. Marcy informed her that she had given a positive recommendation.

Characterization[edit | edit source]

She has lived in the Hartlin City her entire life and loves it. She is a bit of a country girl; she likes dancing, and doing outdoorsy stuff like hiking, fishing, and horseback riding. She comes from a large family that has roots in the area that go way back - there are several streets named after her ancestors.

Marcy names everything. Her car, if she has one? It has a name. Her stapler has a name. Her bed has a name. Everything is a character to her.

Sure, why not [take a random survey]? It could be fun.

In order to answer this question, I will decide that the "class clown" of the sophomore class of West Hartlin High School is . . . Janice Parson. So, let's see . . . she should be friends with Marcy Howard, and act however the heck it is that teenage girls act when they are silly.

"Marcy Howard: I am a Pathist. Of course, with Pathists you get all sorts of people/things being worshipped, depending on the particular branch/preferences of the member. I tend to focus on the gods of creation more than destruction or preservation, personally. My main god is the God of Rain."

Tanya Prentiss is the "alpha" of the sophomore class that also includes Mikela Danvers and Marcy Howard. She is kind of a bully to Mikela, but not in an over-the-top way, and she is neither completely heartless nor hiding a fragile interior.

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