Lana sounds like she'd enjoy the confident and adventurous nature of Aubrey Rosenfeld. He's, technically speaking, magic, but shhh. He'd be charmed by Lana's self-confidence, and he'd probably try to get her to do dumb things with him, like running around in the rain. He may or may not be naked and invite her to join him in that endeavor. He's a ridiculous 17 year old boy that likes having fun. He's really into parkour and freerunning, and he's pretty good at both. He's pretty smart, himself, and although trouble always finds him, he's usually good about getting himself out of it. I wonder if she'd be charmed by him. He's pretty charismatic. He'd try to encourage her if she had any down days; he's usually very optimistic

However, he does have PTSD, which manifests in flashbacks, insomnia, and panic attacks. He has his good days, where he lives life normally and can get through days without thinking about the past...and then he has the bad ones. Where he remembers finding his sister's body. Or remembers his mom being killed in front of both of them. Or his dad being publicly executed. He's got baggage, basically.

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