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Karlingsaw is a semi-autonomous territory of Palissan. It was settled by colonists from the Solarian Empire before being annexed by Palissan. Following the Enarese War, seperatist movements arose in the territory; however, unlike in Enarrace, the Karlingseen people did not see independence.


Women often wear 1 pearl and 1 diamond earring, which symbolize health and prosperity.

The colors of the Senarian coat-of-arms were black and gold. When Senarian exiles established the land of Karlingsaw within the Kingdom of Palissan, they adopted gray and yellow as a "muted" version of the colors of the land they were forced to flee.

During the Palissanic Civil War, most Karlingsenes fought on the Royalist side. They wore yellow jackets - distinct from the blue jackets of the Royalist army, the red jacket of the Republican forces, and the green jackets of the Royal Dorlese Army, which ended up getting tangentially involved. In fact, at one point or another there were Yellow Jackets fighting either alongside or against all 3 of those groups. They were occasionally referred to as "dandy lions" by their enemies.

The dandy lions fought fiercely regardless. They were one of the last groups to stand by the king - they had originally sided with him because they thought he would win, but for many of them their sense of honor wouldn't let them abandon him even when it was obvious he wouldn't. They held the rearguard at the Battle of Owl Harbor, holding off the Republican Army just long enough to see the king escape captivity. Once they learned that he was safely in Dorlese hands on his way to exile, they surrendered en masse. Many of their officers were hanged for treason - a fate not shared even by the generals of the Royalist forces.