aka Starman. He is a superhero, whose power is his ability to "borrow" others' powers briefly. This makes him able to, say, shapeshift and teleport at the same time, which makes him versatile but limited by who he knows who will lend him their abilities. He is acquainted with several people who have powers but don't want to use them in combat, so they give them to him.

There is a correlation between powers and personality, and George is no exception. He has a tendency to change who he is based on those around him - he always tried to fit in when he was in school, he picks up the habits and tendencies and hobbies of those with whom he associates. He realizes that this is a flaw, but rather than fight it he just tries to associate with good people.

George is a typical superhero physically - which means not excess muscle, but good overall shape, combining strength with endurance. This is hard to notice though, since he is naturally somewhat tall and slight of build. He is "mixed race," although the races in his world aren't exactly like ours, but he has what would seem to be a blend of features.

might I introduce you to Nadine "Nate" Corova AKA KING. She used to just a normal human being, but after spending weeks in a lab she was turned into a shapeshifting/teleporting/terraforming/quick healing freak of nature. She still looks human for the most part, with long black hair, and deep brown eyes. She's average height and thin, but strong enough for her size. She has no use for her powers, and, in fact, hates them. She'd be more than willing to let you keep all of them forever. She's a kind, soft spoken but sarcastic girl that loves music and seems to have a knack for bringing out a person's honest personality whether she knows it or not, or at least has something like an aura that makes people feel comfortable enough to talk about anything around her. Maybe its just her soft nature. Although, at the moment she's going through this downward spiral into drug abuse and alcohol and the strangest forms of self harm, but I'm sure she'll come out of it... eventually... maybe.

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