Frank Carlton: by day, according to the general public, I'm a philanthropist and community organizer. I'm very friendly, working hard to make my city a better place, and I look like your high school math teacher.

What I actually am is "the Dark Horse," the shadowy leader of one of Port Eve's nastiest, most powerful, and most brutal crime syndicates. I try to keep my hands as clean as possible but yes, I will watch someone else torture you at my request. I made my fortune in human trafficking - sex slavery if you're young and pretty, sweatshops or target practice if you aren't. Hey, I said I'd do something about the homelessness problem, didn't I?

My author would rate me 10/10 on the evil scale and say I was the most evil character. He'd rate me as worse than Sheldon Grey, the otherworldly abomination seeking to eternally feast upon the sanity of all mankind. He'd say that Sheldon Grey is really just a force of nature where I'm a human being with real moral agency.

But he's full of it. Evil is just a stupid fantasy concocted by the strong to rule over the weak. Now, I'm one of those strong ruling over the weak, but I'm not going to pretend that makes me "bad" or anything.

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