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Characterization[edit | edit source]

The hero who most thinks that being a superhero and participation in The Game is the best way to a brighter future would be Cole Riggs, akaCloudburst.

Where Domino is cocky and subconsciously sees himself as superior to non-supers, and Lady Twilight and Gizmo Girl are motivated by self-interest, Cloudburst really thinks that being a superhero is the best way to use his abilities to help humanity.

As it happens, he is the only one of those four who emerges from the Night of Nights with his secret identity intact, which means that he is the only one who can keep being a superhero without leaving the country. How he adapts to the vastly changed superhero landscape that results from those events, I don't know. That's mostly "epilogue" era stuff.

Cole Riggs would try to subtly mock people annoying him.

Looking for: a woman who can handle a little adventure. Ideally someone with a flexible schedule and lifestyle. I prefer short brunettes, although height and hair color aren't dealbreakers.

Occupation: Personal assistant. I sometimes have to leave town on a moment's notice so don't be upset if I have to cancel.

[This is a lie, he's a superhero. But that's no one's business.]

Interests: exploring the outdoors, reading, sports.

Suggestions for first date: I know a lot of little out-of-the-way but excellent restaurants in the city.

Name: Ella Walrus (Yes, my last name is Walrus. DEAL WITH IT.)

Gender: Female.

Age: 22

Occupation: Okay, I'm kind of a supervillain's sidekick but I'm also kind of a florist but I'm also kinda a book blogger so yeah.

Looking For: A guy about my age (18-25) who's really funny. I can't be with a guy who isn't really funny. You need to be able to put up with my fangirlishness. I want someone who's adventurous, I like to tell a good story. Good conversation is very important to me. I'm a very go-big-or-go-home person. Either we're fully committed, we're just hanging out and we're seeing other people, or we're not seeing each other at all. None of that "we're kind of exclusive, but we're not really" crap.

Interests: Reading, writing, ballet, rollercoasters, memes, swimming, volleyball, bloging.

First date: MacDonald's would be fine. My dream date would be at an amusement park, though. TAKE ME TO DISNEYLAND!!!!!!

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