The ancient Enarese would sometimes "save up" reasons to celebrate and let them all out at once. For example, if there was a successful battle, then a good harvest a month later, then the kingling's wife gave birth to a son, they'd designate a day and go all out.

Any internal disputes would be off-limits, and it would be extremely bad form for someone else to attack or raid them. (This caused problems when their non-Enarese neighbors started conquering them, since they didn't care about such things.) Massive amounts of alcohol, drugs, and sex would ensue.

Then, usually the next day, as a way of both thanking their gods and asking forgiveness, those still able to stand would attend an argavan ceremony. Argavans were massive sacrificial pyres in which assorted animals, household objects, weapons, tools, humans, etc. would be burned in a single bonfire.

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